How to make money Online with NNU Income


When it comes to making money from the internet, Nigerians seem to always refer to Internet Fraud a.k.a YAHOO YAHOO. This post contains the complete guide on how to make money online legitimately with little pocket friendly investment.

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Ever heard of NNU? This stands for Nigeria News Update. In case you haven’t NNU is an online news aggregation website that focuses on delivering curate, relevant and latest news items. It is powered by G-Cyber Technologies with registration number 2453653.

Alright, I guess what you want to know is, HOW DO I MAKE MONEY FROM IT or IS THIS A SCAM? Am happy to announce to you that NNU is not a scam because I have been paid more than 5 times since last year 2017 and am also expecting my payment for this month. NNU runs a program called NIP (NNU Income Program) an initiative invented by the founders of NNU.

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NIP is a program with a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria among the Youths, Students and others. In NNU or NIP you have two ways of earning cool money to your local bank account every month:

  • NARS( NNU Ad Revenue Sharing)
  • NAP(NNU Affiliate Program)


NARS is easier to earn from than NAP because all you have to do is just to be you. In NARS you earn by login in to NNU website daily, reading news, commenting, Posting in forums, sharing sponsored posts. In fact you get paid for being active on the website. The Earning structure for NARS is:

Daily Login: N50

Reading/Commenting: N2/Post

Sharing Sponsored Post: N100

Posting In Forum: N100

With NARS, you can earn up to N20, 000 per month. Do THE MATH.


Ever heard of an Affiliate Before? Everybody on NNU is an affiliate immediately you approve your account. You get paid 62.5% per referral of anyone who join NNU through your referral link. Which means for every N1, 600 the person you refer pays, you get N1, 000. The NAP is harder than NARS but it pays more due to the amount attached to it.



Okay, it’s over with all the MUMBO JUMBO, let’s start earning already.

Start Registration HERE; if you are with your ATM, select Paystack and proceed to payment otherwise purchase coupon codes from the website.

After your payment is confirmed, access your account from the top of the website and you can see the full statistics of your account there.

WAIT WAIT WAIT !! , Take hid of the warnings below:

*Whenever you access the website, always click on My Account at the top to login because they don’t store your details for long because of security reasons.

*Read and comment only today’s post, posts older than a day are not counted.

*Only sponsored posts for today are counted, so don’t bother sharing old sponsored posts

*Fill in your bank details from your account after registration confirmed

*NNU pays from the 27th of each month, so make your withdrawal before 27th and don’t click more than once.

* Website Name: NNU

*Referal : Jefferyselly

Hope you enjoyed the post, got any questions? You can leave a comment. THANKS





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