5 boys drugged and filmed 2 girls while raping them.


A few days ago, a terrible video titled, “ We Have 7 Bedrooms and One Parlor ” where five boys appeared to take turns, raping two girls surfaced and went viral on the internet.
After the incident, reports suggested that the boys had been arrested by members of the Nigerian Police Force. Interestingly, all the boys and their two victims are said to all be under the age of 20.
According to Laila’s News via Oge Nwaanyi Neni’s Facebook page, the boys had allegedly invited those girls over to their house. Although those girls didn’t know them, they decided to go see them and live a little. This underlines the worrying rape realities in Nigeria, with young boys feeling so invincible to allegedly gang-rape two girls, then proceed to post videos on the internet. What do we teach our kids in this country? There is a problem.

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